Fiona’s life has always been about helping people access their hidden strengths.  But she didn’t know how much hidden strength she had until she was diagnosed with a demyelinating neurological condition. Its effects were so devastating that she believed she had no options left. She was desperate.

She channeled that desperation into knowledge and action. She spoke with researchers and manufacturers across multiple disciplines. This multidisciplinary approach led her to bioenergy technology and biohacking, which gave Fiona back her physical and mental health. It literally saved her life.

Biohacking taught Fiona that small changes can have an exponential impact on a person’s mind and body. Solutions exist and they aren’t complicated – and they aren’t reserved for the elite. That’s why Quanta Therapies exists.  It makes the methods that saved her available to everyone else.

Her entire life is driven by creating more opportunities for individuals. She supported Home for Our Troops because she believes in customized accessible homes for our injured veterans. As a member of the Rotary Club of Menlo Park, Fiona mentors first generation-students to help them gain a college education. Every year, she volunteers in the burn unit and physical therapy department at Kirtipur Hospital in Kathmandu.

This drive to help others brought Fiona something she never expected – family. She served on the Board of Advisors for Nepal Orphan’s Home and on her first trip to view the operations of the organization she met her children.