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This is my story but it’s not about my story. It’s about you and your story to healing and the life that you want. My story is here merely to let you know it is possible, that there is light at the end of this long tunnel and it goes somewhere. That there are us who have walked it, screamed in it, wallowed in it, run face-first into it, loathed it and became better humans because of it. 

In 2002, I stood up from the couch one afternoon and ended up collapsed on the ground wondering if I have just stroked out in my 20s. I had been feeling “off” for a while, but this was way, way off!

An immediate trip to the emergency room; CT scan, EKG, first contact with morphine, finally home with an appointment with an MRI machine and my first neurologist.

Degenerative demyelinating neurological condition.

That is what they called it.

Over the next few years, I became intimately familiar with lumbar punctures and blood patches. I had two favourite phlebotomists. I watched my MRI technician fall in love, get married and trade his Harley Davidson for a minivan. I went through seven neurologists, a few neurosurgeons, two pain management specialists, physical therapists who just blended into each other, immunologist, geneticist, acupuncturists, you name it, I had an “-ist” for it.

This is not the life I imagined. I signed up to be a world traveller, an academic who was going to change the conversation about identity politics. This woman who couldn’t pee by herself was not me.

I went down rabbit holes, many rabbit holes, even as far as euthanasia. I was not suicidal by any means, but I needed to know what I could be in control of. Any of us who have walked down this path know what I’m talking about.

I was losing so much of myself every hour, every day, every year. A condition that I technically couldn’t die from was killing my soul. 

In 2007, I went to Nepal on an extended service trip with the belief that I may never make such a bucket-list journey again in my life. There I met my children and it changed the trajectory of my life. I chose Nepal to be forced to go to physical therapy because I would be required to navigate the rough terrain with only a cane. I never imagined that would be the start of my new life.

I became the mum of two gorgeous girls. These girls drove me to a new level.

How do I become a mother and raise these children in this body? 

How do I become an example of how to take life head-on when I can barely get out of bed? 

How can I affect change when I can’t even braid their hair?  

How do I raise them to be women of power when I have to teach them kitchen skills sitting in a chair? When I can’t manage a potato peeler? 

How do I teach them etiquette when I can’t bring soup to my mouth without wearing it? 

But we made it. Somehow, we made it. 

However, each year became a larger struggle. But I found ways to fight harder, fight smarter. I went back to college and studied movement, anatomy and physiology. I learned traditional medicines. I pestered researchers, manufacturers, and biotech geeks; I learned from everyone and anyone willing to share their knowledge and their time. I developed protocols for myself and others like me, and some days it even felt like I was winning.

Still, the dreaded “comorbidities” piled on. I had my favourite chair in oncology for my infusions. I developed complex regional pain syndrome and different types of infusions became the norm. I lost all viable veins. I lost the feeling in the right of my body, the grip in my hand. I lost mental acuity. I lost my reproductive organs. I lost my sense of taste and smell. I lost. And I felt like I kept losing.

This was not becoming a good theme song.

In 2016, I suffered from appendicitis. And my body reached the end of all the losses it could sustain. It went into what felt like final shutdown. It was a simple surgery, but it took everything out of me.

This was it. There was no fight left in me. This time I was truly exhausted.

I started the process of closing my business. Even Koda, my service dog wasn’t going to be able to help me navigate this. As part of the shutdown process, I went to close down my social media accounts. On Instagram, I saw a friend and a colleague post about patches that would affect the lymphatic system. I was highly sceptical but intrigued because I was literally swollen from lymphatic stagnation. My nodes hurt, my skin was a constant red, the herbal remedies were no longer working, the allopathic medication was definitely not working.  Everything was making me ill. I couldn’t keep food down, but I was 20 lbs heavier. All my lifestyle management hacks were no longer working.

It could be all snake oil, but I had nothing left to lose. So Koda and I flew to New York City filled with enervation and cynical hope. I barely made it to the first day of the workshop, but I was the second person to get patches put on me. I had 4 patches on me and within 15 minutes, I felt something. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling but it was a shift.

That night was the first night I slept in months. The next day I put on more patches and as the day progressed, I felt like I could think again.  

I felt a glimmer of hope. At the end of the four days, I knew I had found something different.  

Combined with all the protocols I had established over the past decade, this was the bridge I had been searching for. My systems started repairing themselves. Each day I felt better, each week I was stronger. And I didn’t have to pretend I was ok. I was truly well. Over the next 6 weeks, treating myself, I transformed.

The most noticeable physical change was the overall swelling diminished. I stopped looking and feeling puffy. The constant neuropathic pain dulled and I could stop all my pain medications. I could take deep breaths as the girdling sensation dissipated around my torso.

My energy levels soared. Instead of being able to function for 2-4 hours a day, I had 8 hours, then 10 and then more. Today, I usually have a minimum 12-hour workday and it brings me so much joy. My cognitive function improved daily. I could think again. I could read again, and the words on the pages made sense.

I could thermoregulate again. And then my sense of taste and smell came back. I even went surfing again last year because I could feel my feet.

Then I knew I had to get this concept out to the world, efficiently, cost-effectively, with as little barrier to entry as possible.

This is why Quanta Therapies exists. You may not get the same results I got but I know as a patient, even if you received a 20% improvement, it will give you hope to keep going. To be able to start creating a wellness environment to continue healing, to continue living, to start dreaming about possibilities. I want Quanta and our practitioners to help you reach your potential.


I wanted to THANK YOU for all your help and knowledge regarding menopause. I feel so much better now. I have been to the doctor to get help but no luck. I have tried over the counter relief and still felt the same, no real change until these patches. 

I am not so tired and hungry all the time and feel like my old self again. I am real happy with the product and will be one of your loyal customers. YOU ARE THE BEST!

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Athletic Restoration

Athletic Restoration


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First of all, I have to admit that I was probably the biggest sceptic when given these patches to try.

I was in a hurry. I had to be at a conference and being late was not an option, so my mind wasn’t focused on the task at hand. That’s when I realized instead of steam ironing my blouse, I had managed to create a lovely huge red welt on my arm, which seemed to be growing and weeping by the second!

Suddenly I find these futuristic Star Trek-like patches are being thrust at me and I’m being advised to place them around the welt. I looked at the patches looked back at the giver and back at the patches in confusion.

What could these things do?

You see, I am one of those individuals that takes months to heal a simple injury. I have been known to still have evidence of a cut or burn several months after the event. Naturally, I was thinking that this was just a gimmick because over the years I have tried everything out there.

Reluctantly, I put the patches around the burn.

I could physically see the redness going down in minutes, the size of the burn decreased as I watched it. I wish I had thought to mark the outline of the burn like they do in the emergency room. Over the next couple of days, the blistered part healed-over and new tissue repair was evident. Within a week, all evidence of the burn had gone. Amazing results!

Can you imagine the response time in someone who has a normal healing? The ability to decrease secondary infection? For a slow healer like me, it has proved to be a game-changer.

These patches are now kept in my first aid kit. I tend to get ahead of myself and know I will need them in the future. Now I’m prepared for speed healing and I know I’m taking care of myself & decreasing the chance of infection.


I was going on day 3 of a major headache and ibuprofen wasn’t helping. In a conversation with Fiona, I mentioned not wanting to go to orchestra rehearsal for fear that it would make my headache worse. She told me to put a pain complex on the back of my neck at the base of my skull. Having a couple hours before rehearsal I thought I would give it a go. 15 minutes later my headache was a lot better. By the time I made it to rehearsal it was barely noticeable.

I had always thought these patches were one of those “new age” things that’s getting popular now and was mostly “in your head”. I was mistaken and now my house always has patches for myself as well as my partner.