Healing Philosophy

At Quanta Therapies, our tagline is:
Transform Your Healing

What does that mean?

The only thing that can heal the body is the body. However, it is unable to do its job of self-healing and self-regeneration if it does not have the optimal environment.

So, we aim to change the environment of healing.

We do it primarily with the aid of bioenergetic, subsonic, subharmonic technology as well as all the modalities, knowledge and care that our practitioners bring with them. This is the ultimate in personalized medicine; every person is unique and responds to different stimulus. At Quanta, we believe in helping you create the best environment for healing and wellness for you.

What is

We call our practitioners Bio-orchestrators™.

What do we mean by that?

Your body is a complex series of tissue, organs and systems all working to create a whole.

The very act of living causes our bodies to degrade, and usually, it is just a couple of things that need a tune-up; exactly like a sound check conducted by an orchestra before the curtains go up on a performance.

Our practitioners are amazing at finding the source of deficiency and able to give your body an efficient means of calibration.

Ultimately, they are facilitators for optimum wellness for your body by being able to support your natural healing systems.