Some commonly asked questions about Quanta and our technology. 

I’ve been told there is CBD in the patches/bracelets, will I fail a drug test?

You will not fail a drug test with our technology.  There are no drugs, chemicals or anything transdermal in the patches or bracelets.  

The patches and bracelets are programmed with sound frequencies of natural elements that the body can process and assimilate. So while you are being exposed to the sound frequency of CBD, you are not actually being exposed to CBD per se.


What will “discharge” the patches/bracelets?

Once programmed, the only way the patches/bracelets can “discharge” is if is exposed to a MRI machine or cut/destroyed.  Creasing or bending a patch is ok.

However, with absolute common sense, we recommend you do not wear them during x-rays since it will interfere with the quality of images.  We are pretty sure radiologists are not keen on seeing round patches in images.


Will I set off metal detectors?

The patches are made of mylar with a carbon crystalline weave.  They will not set off metal detectors.

The bracelets have a metal component, so take them off like all other jewelry when going through metal detectors.


Do I have to use patches/bracelets for the rest of my life?

The patches/bracelets are essentially a supplement to your wellness; to tune your systems when it needs help.  You will not develop dependency on them but you may find yourself wanting to “tune up” every few weeks with patches.  A bracelet is perfect because it can be worn for a year.

Where are your products made?

Currently, all our products are made in the USA.  Patches, bracelets, supplements, Quanta Life™, Quanta Pet™.  We are looking at sourcing some new products from Australia/New Zealand but they will be clearly labeled when it happens.

Are the patches/bracelets/bioenergy products medical devices?

None of our bioenergy products are medical devices.  And they never will be. By making them medical devices, they become elitist and its access will be limited.  Our mission as a company is to make this technology available to as many people as possible, in the most affordable manner.

Our products are life science products.  

The ONLY component on our products that are FDA approved is the adhesive on the patches and that is made by the 3M company (yes, the same people who make yours and my favourite bandages) because that is a portion that adheres to human skin.