Everything in the universe vibrates

and has its own frequency.  Every rock, every plant, every animal, every disease, everything.

Bioenergy Technology

The frequency of diseases and health have been recorded by Bruce Taino and documented.

As well as vibrating, everything that lives is also self-healing. While this self-healing bioenergy is the essence of life, it can be disrupted and broken, especially in our modern life where we are exposed to so many man-made elements.

Sound and energy healing have been in existence for a very long time. Quanta bioenergy products is the next evolution in the delivery of this healing modality.

Our patches and bracelets make sound and energy healing wearable.

We are introducing to your body and your environment pre-programmed frequencies that your body interprets as an optimum target to aim for. It is a GPS directional tool for your body if it has lost its way doing its job of self-healing.  A note to hit and tune to, if it were a musical instrument.

The technology is cutting edge but the thought process is ancient. We stimulate the body to heal.