Quanta Therapies is a multidisciplinary biohacking company. We believe technology, science, energy, and intelligent self-care matter. That’s why we make bioenergetic technology wearable and accessible to everyone. We partner with international biotech, medical device, supplement, and life science companies to integrate new, non-invasive methods into existing medical and wellness models. Once this integration happens, the human body’s ecosystems has everything it needs to thrive and heal.

What We Can Do For The Clinician

  • Our entire team is here to support every aspect of your health and wellness protocols. We’ll help you develop your skills, enhance your knowledge, and grow your business.
  • With our protocols and foundation technology you can help anyone who comes to you (or reach out to our team to help your patient get the best care).
  • Our bioenergy devices are non-invasive. You can help your clients without adding risk.
  • By using our tools and methodology, you’re not only healing people, you’re turning them into self-advocates who understand that their future is in their own hands.

What We Can Do for the Patient

What do the Biofrequency patches do?

Quanta patches are placed precisely on the body to maximise pain reduction and restore function to a weak area of the body. They are also placed systemically to enhance the body’s overall vitality and normalise its functions. When the patch comes in contact with the skin, your body heat activates the patch and it starts to discharge to the nervous system. This increases the body’s voltage (frequency) through sympathetic resonance, a process where the body will resonate and match the higher frequencies of the patch and affect change in the body.