Optimising Human Potential.

We believe that technology, science,
energy, and intelligent self-care matter.

Our Mission

Quanta Therapies was founded to reignite the fire within all humans that have diminished due to poor health or toxic overload. 

Our goal is to make our products easily accessible, at an affordable cost and ease of use, so that anyone can assimilate it into their lives regardless of their educational or financial status.

Our team is driven to restore dignity and personal value by elevating individuals through a supportive community, robust education, and advocacy.  To leverage advancements in non-invasive biotechnology to safely and gently restore cellular health and support the body’s natural ability to self-repair without dependency. 

We aim to provide empowerment through education and community, that allows individuals to self-advocate and have access to products and systems that enhance the body’s natural ability to regenerate.

We strive to protect from future harm of environmental factors such as genetically engineered foods, EMF’s or environmental toxins whether chemical, physical or emotional.

Our Technology  

Quanta partners with the greatest innovators in the field of biofrequency technology.  Our product range offers both short and long-term solutions to your chronic pain and acute injury as well as offering effective solutions to your overall health management.

Our solutions to your pain come in the form of biofrequency patches and biofrequency charged bracelets. Both products are charged with the frequency of organic substance known to have therapeutic effects on the human body.  By utilising frequencies in a wearable format our clients continue to reap the benefits of consistent delivery of therapeutic effects long after they have left the clinic.

Our Products

Quanta Bio frequency patches
Quanta bio frequency bracelets

Quanta rejuvenate skin care,
Quanta H20 water chips,
Quanta renew bed patches

Flea & Tick Protection
Joint Care

Scope of benefits

Quanta biofrequency patches have shown to provide fast and effective results for all chronic and acute musculoskeletal issues such as:  Low back pain, neck and shoulder tension and pain, Hip, knee & ankle issues, inflammatory conditions, arthritis, plantar-fasciitis, tendonitis, migraine and headaches.

Our trained therapists may also assist you with more systemic issues including: Lymphatic issues, Digestive, hormonal, autoimmune, detoxification as well as patches for the mind and emotions.