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Transform your healing environment.

What Is Quanta?
Quanta Therapies is a company dedicated to facilitating the regenerative potential of the human body while supporting the creation of a home environment that enhances the lives of all who live there.
Our foundational human, beauty, home and pet products are all based in bioenergetic, subsonic, subharmonic technology. While we continue to grow the application of this technology, we know it is enhanced by different modalities, supplements and technologies.

We support and integrate the use of auxiliary therapies and tools to create the most optimal ecosystem for the body to thrive.

Everything in the universe vibrates and has its own frequency. Every rock, every plant, every animal, every disease, everything. The frequency of diseases and health have been recorded by Bruce Taino and documented.

Add to that, everything that lives is also self-healing. While this self-healing bioenergy is the essence of life, it can be disrupted and broken, especially in our modern life where we are exposed to so many man-made elements.

Sound and energy healing have been in existence for a very long time. Quanta bioenergy products is the next evolution in the delivery of this healing modality.
Our patches and bracelets make sound and energy healing wearable.

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Athletic Restoration
Athletic Restoration
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Our Mission
Quanta Therapies was founded to reignite the fire within all humans that have diminished due to poor health or toxic overload.

Our goal is to make our products easily accessible, at an affordable cost and ease of use, so that anyone can assimilate it into their lives regardless of their educational or financial status.

Our team is driven to restore dignity and personal value by elevating individuals through community, education, and advocacy. To leverage advancements in non-invasive biotechnology to safely and gently restore cellular health and support the body’s natural ability to self-repair without dependency.

Who Is Quanta?
Quanta Therapies is a community of health, wellness & fitness practitioners, patients, clients, educators, investors, intellectually curious, engineers and researchers excited to explore bioenergy and the healing potential of the human body.
Quanta is you & me… Quanta is all of us.
How Did Quanta Happen?
“This technology needs to be affordable & accessible.”
Fiona discovered bioenergy when she was at her lowest physical and mental point.  All the wellness systems and protocols she had in place where struggling for efficacy.  She knew it was because she was missing a piece of something. She just didn’t know what.  But she was desperate and willing to try anything non-invasive.

When she experienced bioenergy, she knew this was the missing piece.  It gave her body the stimulus it needed to jumpstart its natural self-healing process.

This was not a “magic pill” but it was a bridge.  A way to give the body a healing direction. A way to help it remember it can heal.

Quanta Therapies has been Fiona’s passion project for the past 2+ years.

Biotech, healing, wellness cannot just be for the elite.  It can only have true impact when everyone is able to have access to it.

At Quanta we have been working on creating protocols that are as effective as they are easy to follow.  To compound as many frequencies as possible into a single patch.

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